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Tidying before her guests arrive

The benefits of staging your home

Whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, home staging is essential to preparing your home for a sale. After improving your home's curb appeal, here’s why you should do it. Get an edge on the competition As a seller, yo...

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Shot of two adorable little children running at the beach with their parents in the background

Things to do with kids in Hermosa Beach, CA

Get ready for a fun day out with the kids at Hermosa Beach, CA. Check out these family-friendly activities you can do aside from sitting on the sand: Walk along the Hermosa Valley Greenbelt The Hermosa Valley Greenbelt is a 3.5-mi...

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An American flag flies from the open porch and gardens surround a small single family home on a Spring afternoon on Cape Cod on the Massachusetts coast.

Easy ways to improve your home’s curb appeal

Though buyers, especially the ones buying their first home, they ultimately purchase what’s inside a home, curb appeal is what first draws them to a property. As a seller, you simply can’t ignore this crucial aspect of staging your ho...

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Young asian woman real state agent holding house isolated background cover mouth with hand shocked with shame for mistake, expression of fear, scared in silence, secret concept

Red flags to watch for when choosing a Realtor

From buying, to selling, and moving to a new house, these can all be a daunting undertaking for most people. Luckily, you can rely on real estate agents or Realtors to help you avoid any pitfalls in the process especially when it's your fir...

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Couple dreaming about the future

5 Signs you’ve outgrown your home

When you've been living in the same house for a considerably long time, you might feel the urge to look for a new home. It's completely normal. It's important, however, to determine whether it is indeed time to move on. Look at for the foll...

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Home buying

4 Tips for first-time home buyers

Whether you're in your late 20s or in your 50s, buying a home for the first time can either be a positive or a time-consuming and tiring experience. Fret not, for 3 Leaf Realty is here with a couple of pointers to help you purchase your fir...

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