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Easy ways to improve your home’s curb appeal

An American flag flies from the open porch and gardens surround a small single family home on a Spring afternoon on Cape Cod on the Massachusetts coast.

Though buyers, especially the ones buying their first home, they ultimately purchase what’s inside a home, curb appeal is what first draws them to a property. As a seller, you simply can’t ignore this crucial aspect of staging your home.

The good news is that improving curb appeal doesn’t require a lot of time or money. Check out our top tips:

  • Transform your front door
    Still have the same front door from when you first moved in? Now is definitely the time to update it. Luckily, there are almost limitless designs and materials to choose from, from rustic wooden doors to sleek metal ones. Want to save money? Simply repainting your door can breathe it new life.
  • A lick of paint
    Speaking of repainting, consider giving your exterior walls a paint job, too. Start off by cleaning the wall’s surfaces so the paint applies properly and the dirt won’t compromise the paint color. Popular exterior paint colors include off-white, yellow, light blue, gray, and cypress green.
  • Upgrade your siding
    Another great way to make your exterior walls more appealing is to add siding to it. These days, you can purchase beautiful fiber-cement siding at a reasonable price. They can also be manufactured in custom colors and a variety of finishes (even wood!). Aside from aesthetic appeal, siding can also help insulate your home—something home buyers are sure to appreciate.
  • Add a porch
    What better way to make your home look more inviting than by adding a porch to it? A porch also extends your home’s living space, making it a practical project as well. If you can’t commit to a full porch, you can simply add a portico over your entranceway to give it a cozier feel.
  • Revamp your front yard
    An unkempt front yard is not only unsightly, it can turn off potential buyers. Hence, it’s important to pay special attention to your lawn. Replant your turf or install high-quality artificial grass. You can also add hedges, ornamental plants, and flowers to further prettify the space. If you have trees in your yard, trim the leaves and cut errant branches.
  • Mind your approach
    Installing flagstones is a simple but effective way to add character to your lawn. Materials range from concrete to terra cotta, so you’re sure to find a style that complements your home. For those with existing walkways and flagstones, rent a pressure washer to give them a deep clean.
  • Bonus tip: Take good photos
    Chances are, buyers will see your home online before they visit it in person. That’s why your photos should capture your home’s curb appeal to the fullest. If you plan to DIY the photography, the best time to snap pictures is very early in the morning or right before sunset. If you have wiggle room in your budget, hiring a professional photographer will be well worth it.

Of course, improving curb appeal is just the first step to selling your home. If you require further assistance and expert counsel, get in touch with 3 Leaf Realty at 310-546-6300 or email realtor(at)3leafrealty(dotted)com today.