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The 7 most essential restaurants in Manhattan Beach

restaurants in Manhattan Beach

Looking for a good place to eat in Manhattan Beach? This South Bay city is a smorgasbord of different cuisines and culinary styles, ranging from Italian to Asian fusion. If you happen to be in this vibrant area, here are the culinary destinations that are unique to Manhattan Beach:

  1. Manhattan Beach Post

    Created by Michelin star chef-owner David LeFevre, the Manhattan Beach Post is a critically acclaimed restaurant that serves delicious, soulful food. Since its establishment in 2011, the restaurant has changed the Manhattan Beach dining scene by introducing in new flavors to classic dishes.

    Take a bite out of their signature dishes –bacon cheddar buttermilk biscuits and White Oak grilled skirt steak. Just make sure to check the menu on their website, as it changes every so often.

  2. Love & Salt

    Located in downtown Manhattan Beach, this Italian restaurant is the embodiment of eat, pray, and love. Reinvented by father-daughter team Guy and Sylvie Gabriele, Love & Salt brings an unforgettable dining experience to its patrons, with Italian-inspired comfort food, exceptional food service, and a relaxing ambiance.

    Some of their must-try dishes are the roasted mushroom pizza, the rabbit porchetta, and the wood oven roasted bone marrow cavatappi.

  3. Nick’s Manhattan Beach

    If you’re looking for classic American comfort food, you’ll have plenty to choose from at Nick’s Manhattan Beach. Known to locals as Nick’s, this upscale, casual restaurant is located in an outdoor shopping center called Metlox.

    If you’re planning to grab lunch or dinner here, try their shrimp taquitos, crispy chicken sandwich, pan-seared Chilean sea bass, and finish it off with their signature butter cake.

  4. Rock’N Fish Restaurant

    You can never go wrong with seafood and cocktails, especially at the Rock’N Fish Restaurant. Dubbed “America’s best regional cuisine in the heart of Manhattan Beach,” this seafood restaurant serves up delicious crab cakes, seafood jambalaya, and wood-grilled artichoke. Don’t forget to sample their trademark cocktail, a rum-based concoction called the Navy Grog.

  5. Uncle Bill’s Pancake House

    For the past 53 years, Uncle Bill’s Pancake House has been a longtime breakfast staple among the residents of Manhattan Beach. Uncle Bill’s Pancake House serves the quintessential American breakfast such as pancakes, waffles, bacon, hash browns, eggs Benedict, and many more. And as you chow down on your delicious breakfast, you’ll be treated to gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean.

  6. Fishing with Dynamite

    There’s no other seafood restaurant quite like Fishing with Dynamite. Created by Manhattan Beach Post’s chef David LeFevre, this 35-seater restaurant made up of tables, a cocktail bar, and a raw bar.

    Don’t miss out on their fresh and high-quality seafood dishes, ocean-inspired interiors, and upbeat atmosphere. Just like the Manhattan Beach Post, the menu of Fishing with Dynamite changes seasonally and according to the chef’s preferences.

  7. The Kettle

    The perfect time to visit the Kettle is anytime. Open 24/7, this family-friendly restaurant has a huge menu that offers a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. Some of the Kettle dishes that should not be passed up are crab omelets, French onion soup, and the bananas foster French toast.

These amazing restaurants aren’t the only perks you’ll be getting from living in Manhattan Beach. If you’d like to learn more about the area and its real estate options, call 3 Leaf Realty at 310-546-6300 today or email Realtor(at)3leafrealty(dotted)com.